QMN stands for “Qatar Musicians Network”

Pretty much a self-explanatory title, QMN is the brain-child of the director of QMN Talal Rafi. Talal and his inaugural team members Bader Al Sada and Adel aim to bring all the musicians together under 1 roof, 1 banner. A central place for musicians to post there content, browse other artist’s contents and keep up-to-date with the latest from the musician community in Qatar.

We figured its quite difficult for show organizers and companies to hunt for musicians relevant for their respective needs. Currently, the only way to search for artists is either through the various embassies and cultural centers established in Qatar and even so, finding detailed information for artists can be a hassle. QMN intends to break this wall down with style !

QMN is indiscriminate with regards to the artists  genre, language or style. Weather you are a Desi DJ or a hardcore metallhead, there is a spot for all in QMN.

Visit the “Contact QMN” Page on the menu-bar if you are an artist/band willing to register with QMN or avail one of our services mentioned in the “Our Services” page

Thank you and have a nice day :)

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