Aug 202010

Dear Sirs
we are located in Cairo Egypt we are musicians and singers FROM
EGYPT,UKRAIN,RUSSIA, Lebanon and Italy, we have our own bands we offer our
services over seas, we sings in 7 languages all the styles
check my profile on face book JANNA.SINGER.MUSICIAN,we cover all kind of
concerts party’s in all the styles live music or using minus music [karaoke
with back vocal] super professional singers and musicians, minimum of 2
singers and musicians solo, duo, trio, bands     up to forum to any number
of band forums when needed, in our reference’s we made party’s and concerts
around the world in hotels resorts,private party’s up to international music
and songs fest eval in stadium we got the first rank 3 times,we send solo
musician and singer,duo,trio…………………. to any large band
Dr Tarek and Janna