Feb 032011

  6 Responses to “Youngs2ar – Biography”

  1. 1st things 1st…younstar dj \produser lemme say whats good ??? one of them rare pro djs in the country..local gifted, and what more can i say? he still killin it…under ground king of the tech house, menimal tech…much respect to u playa playa…………keep the great sound comin around in this place so we set it on fire!! stay good and healty, cause the next geniration needs ur skillz…..peace out!!!

  2. whats up???? the STARS !!! so put ur hands up for the ONE and ONLY Dj young S2AR…you are the best of the best so keep moving………doosssssss

  3. Rock it out brotha!! :) Good to know that Qatar has one of the finest House DJs! Looking forward to DJing alongside you sometime soon 😉

  4. Waiting to see u mixing in Strasbourg :) 😀 : ) Cheers and follow ur way man 😉

  5. Sup,Roland, i’m cooking up something soon, i will hola back,brotha how’s thing going on ove there.


  6. Is that France, i right :)

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