Jun 112010


DT was created by Sameed and his brother Sameeh along with guitarist Ray Hage in September.

After serious of jamming sessions, they have decided to form the band.

Hatem; one of Ray’s first friends in Qatar, decided to jump in and hold the band’s mic, and a few weeks later, Azan bounced in to help out with the bass lines.


DT managed to successfully cover alot of tracks with two of their own originals.

And in the same year, they have managed to break hundreds of necks in four Live shows.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the same year, conflicts between Ray and the other members began to emerge, causing Ray to Leave in unknown circumstances.

Few weeks later Azan decided to leave to India for his education, causing the gap in DT to expand.

Work sessions and composing were called off in August.

The sleeping period of DT had come to an end when Rab (One of Hatem’s Oldest buddies) was asked to hop aboard.

DT woke up again with a slightly different line up, and practicing sessions were back on.

In December of that Year, DT Had composed a second original, a more technical, yet melodic track after tens of hours of work.


DT started recording one of their Originals in January,

and is expected to be broadcast to the masses on the first week of February.

Jun 022010

Danbr is a small project between two young artists who share the same taste in music.

They have been doing a bunch of covers for the songs they love over the past several months as a hobby. There are no plans on launching an original album.

BR : Instruments/Vocals
Danielle : Vocals