Jan 312011

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B/Pop

Artist : Mighty.G Aka Slizzy

Record Lable : Unsigned

Home Town: Dublin, Ireland

Current Location: Doha, Qatar


Saleem ‘Slizzy’ Shanny (born July 25, 1991 in Doha, Qatar) is an Unsigned Rapper & singer. So far he is working on two Mix-tapes : #1.(Levitation), most of it is all about him reaching up to the spot where he belongs to.
#2.(Lovers&Haters), he speaks meaningful words to people he ever loved and people he’s loving, & to people who are hating on him over the spectacular talents he has, lately those two Mix-tapes they haven’t been released but some joints he released made a Big hit in the music industry in Qatar.

Slizzy have been writing since he was fourteen years old. he’s collaborated with few rappers and singers, Natalia ‘Natii’ & kerry.

Slizzy has altered from the bottom to higher Stage in Doha he moved from rocking average mics to a pro fully equipped studio in Qatar, Now he’s on the function recording/mastering his joints in details.

His music’s taste expresses mostly about the life he’s living & all the above.

His dream about to live in the spot where he wants reach and pause right there and have it on repeat and live it big with his talents, he wants to steal everyone’s attention with what he have got.

Slizzy insists to pursue his passion for music to a really long adventure & let the world taste the his music ingredients and rock their impression.

His Musical influence Came from his child hood, his inspiration in music which includes – hiphop/R&B/rap/pop – since he was 4 years old.